Seasonal Tips and Tricks
Seasonal Tips and Tricks

Roof Care Tips For Summer:

  • Inspect your roof
  • Fix damage
  • Update your roof
  • Consider water proofing
  • Hire regular service providers
  • Clean gutters and drains
  • Inspect attic ventilation
  • Review skylights

Roof Care Tips Before Winter:

  • Remove debris before snow falls
  • Keep your gutters clean
  • Hire a tree trimmer
  • Inspect your roof

Roof Care Tips For Spring:

  • Clean out gutters
  • Check for water damage
  • Inspect roof
  • Trim trees
  • Schedule professional inspection
  • Check for mold
  • Make sure there are no pests
  • Prevent moss growth
  • Document Damage
  • Check attic

How To Make Your Roof Last For Decades:

  • Keep an active maintenance routine
  • Invest in preventative measures
  •  Catch problems early
  • Hire an experienced professional
  • Clean Gutters
  • Remove Leaves
  • Get rid of moss
  • Trim overhanging branches
  • Prevent ice dams
  • Check for damaged areas
  • Look for leaks
  • Ensure strong insulation

For Commercial/Industrial Specifically:

  • Inspect bi-annually
  • Check after bad storms
  • Unclog drains and gutters
  • Don’t pressure wash
  • Hire a great professional contractor
  • Don’t avoid leaks
  • Don’t walk on roof unless needed
  • Keep clean of debris
  • Make sure roof equipment is functioning properly
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