Silicone Roof Coating Phoenix AZ

Fresh Silicone Roof Coating in Phoenix AZ

Silicone Roof Coating for Phoenix AZ Businesses Makes a Difference

As a business, you must continually keep up with the demands of your customers, employees and facility. As requests from clients and staff take priority, maintaining your facility can sometimes take a backseat to other responsibilities. However, facility maintenance is nothing to be neglected! Especially if you are concerned about the condition of your roof, it might be time to find professional help to restore or replace it. Thankfully, Beckwith Commercial Roofing can save you some time and money replacing your roof, instead offering silicone roofing coating to Phoenix AZ businesses.

What’s Silicone Roof Coating?

Silicone roof coating is more than standard roof repair but not the same as roof replacement. The best way to describe silicone roof coating would be roof restoration. The process involves applying a layer of liquid silicone to your existing roof to fill cracks, blisters and exposed seams. This new protective layer also helps with your commercial roof’s water resistance and energy efficiency.

The Advantages of Silicone Roof Coating

Businesses always look for convenient, affordable and effective solutions, no matter the issue. Thankfully, silicone roof coating checks off all three boxes. Here’s some of what you can expect when you apply silicone to your commercial roof:

  • Quick & Easy Application
    • Replacing a roof can turn into an ordeal. Roof replacement can stretch over several days and sometimes renders your facility unusable for a time. As any business owner can tell you, this is incredibly counterproductive to daily operations. Conversely, silicone roof coating can be completed within a day or two of work. The process doesn’t require you to shut down your facility, as your old roof stays in place.
  • Affordable Option
    • You’ll need to replace your roof after so many years to ensure your business stays safe and your facility is up-to-code. However, it can seem like a waste of money to restore an older roof that has stayed in decent condition. If such is the case, silicone coating is your answer. Silicone coating allows you to avoid the expensive cost of roof replacement. Additionally, the labor and materials used for silicone roof coating are less than other roof jobs, thus making the process more affordable.
  • Incredibly Effective
    • Silicone roof coating is a reliable method for reinvigorating an old but otherwise “in-shape” roof. Any cracks, gaps or exposed seams resulting from age and erosion are quickly covered and filled by liquid silicone. Also, the freshly applied silicone coating works excellent for reflecting sunlight (thus lowering energy costs) and waterproofing (thus preventing water damage from roof leakage).
An application of Silicone Roof Coating in Phoenix AZ

Additional Roofing Services

Of course, silicone roof coating in Phoenix AZ isn’t the only way you can repair or restore your commercial roof. With help from Beckwith Commercial Roofing, we can help you maintain your present roof or set you up with new commercial roof systems. Whether for a flat roof, sloped roof, metal roof and more, we assist our clients with various roofing services such as:

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