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A new flat roof, an example of Commercial Roofing in Scottsdale AZ

Protect Your Business with Commercial Roofing in Scottsdale AZ

What’s the key to a safe, protected and comfortable facility? If you said roofing, you’d be right! Commercial roofs are essential to any office, warehouse, or retail store. And with modern advancements in today’s roofing materials and installation, there’s never been a better time to update your commercial roofing in Scottsdale AZ. If searching for the right contractor to install or update your facility’s roof, look no further than Beckwith Commercial Roofing.

Picking the Right Roof for Your Business

With all the roof types and materials available, how do you know what commercial roof is best for your business? With guidance from Beckwith, we can help you select the roofing that best fits the needs of your business. Examples of the roofing we install, update and repair include:

  • Flat Roofs – The single-ply membrane flat roof is one of the most common roof types you’ll find most businesses using. Flat roofs are built using synthetic rubber, thermoplastic (PVC) or modified bitumen. All these materials lend to a flat roof’s incredible weather resistance and durability. Additionally, it doesn’t cost much to repair or maintain flat roofs. And if you need somewhere to place HVAC units and other industrial equipment, flat roofs maximize available space.
  • Metal Roofs – A commercial metal roof might be your next best option if not considering a flat roof. Metal roofs have unique benefits not shared with other roofing materials. For example, metal roofs genuinely excel in the energy-saving capabilities they afford businesses. Also worth considering is the strength and durability of a metal roof that can significantly outperform other roof materials. If considering a metal roof, Beckwith has experience with metal roof retrofits.
  • Specialty Roofs – Beckwith offers an alternative roof type to standard commercial roofing in Scottsdale AZ: Duro-Last® roofs! Also known as “the world’s best roof,” Duro-Last® roofs have introduced a highly efficient roof type into the commercial roofing market. This specialty roof is all white, reflecting up to 88% of the sun’s energy. The energy savings for Duro-Last® roofs is considered even greater than metal roofing. Duro-Lasts are also manufactured in a factory-controlled environment to ensure greater flexibility and weather resistance after installation.

The Beckwith Advantage

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Beckwith has contributed to the commercial roofing industry with high-quality roofs and expert installation/repair since 1982. Our team of professional roofers has over 100 years of combined experience performing any roofing service imaginable. Moreover, with the addition of our reliable customer service and comprehensive warranties, other roof contractors can’t compare to the Beckwith advantage!

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Rest assured, you’re getting the best roof installation when selecting commercial roofing in Scottsdale AZ through Beckwith Commercial Roofing. If you are interested in updating, installing or repairing your facility’s roofing, contact us at 480-588-2538 to request a quote. We are located at 11096 E Winchcomb Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

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