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The Ultimate Support for Your Business: Flat Roofs in Scottsdale AZ

While the roof over your head isn’t something you always give much thought to, it’s one of the most crucial components of your home. The same can be said for your business! With the right roof, you can protect your facility from weather, comfortably manage temperatures, and achieve excellent energy savings. Thankfully, Beckwith Commercial Roofing can set you up with the best flat roofs for Scottsdale AZ businesses.

Is a Flat Roof Right for Your Business?

In truth, flat roofs are one of the most popular roof options regarding new and updated commercial roofing. After seeing the benefits of flat roofs, it’s not hard to imagine why! From greater flexibility to more energy savings, a flat roof is perfect for your business.

  • Protection Against Water Damage – It’s a common misconception that flat roofs are more susceptible to water damage. The thought is that water more easily pools on flat roofing, having nowhere to go. However, this isn’t the case! Flat roofs are built with a slight incline, allowing water to flow into your roof’s drainage system harmlessly. Additionally, most flat roofs are built using highly weather-resistant materials, reducing the risk of water damage.
  • Money and Energy Saving – Flat roofs can save you money during installation and in their energy-saving benefits. Flat roofs’ materials and installation costs are considerably affordable compared to other commercial roof types. And if installing a Duro-Last® roof, you can expect some of the best energy-saving benefits of any roof on the market. Duro-Last® roofs reflect up to 88% of the sun’s energy, helping keep your facility cool, thus saving you on utility costs.
  • Versatility – Maximizing available space is crucial when running your business as efficiently as possible. For this reason, flat roofs are an incredibly popular option for creating more space for your facility. Flat roofs in Scottsdale AZ can easily support multiple HVAC units and additional industrial equipment that isn’t easy to store inside. Keeping essential equipment out of the way but easily accessible frees up office space, storage, workspace and more.

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Since 1982, Beckwith has served businesses in Illinois, Iowa and throughout the country with high-quality roofing and excellent customer service. We strive to offer the best commercial roof installation, repair, and retrofits, paired with our comprehensive warranties. Not to mention, we are one of the few roofing contractors who is certified to sell and install Duro-Last® roofing, “the world’s best roof.”

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Whether replacing your commercial roofing or deciding on roofing for a new facility, flat roofs in Scottsdale AZ are one of your best options! Call the professionals at Beckwith Commercial Roofing today to ensure your flat roof is installed with precision and care. You can contact us at 480-588-2538 to request a quote. We are located at 11096 E Winchcomb Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

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