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A flat roof after receiving Commercial Roof Repair in Scottsdale AZ

The Commercial Roof Repair Scottsdale AZ Businesses Rely On

Roof maintenance and repair aren’t top-of-mind for every business owner. However, as your roof ages, it may contribute to energy efficiency and structural stability issues if you’re not careful. Thus, staying on top of commercial roof repair in Scottsdale AZ is crucial. Thankfully, when it comes to quick and expert roof care, Beckwith Commercial Roofing has you covered.

Staying Ahead of Roof Failure

While the point of roof repair is to ensure your roof is functioning as it should, roof repair is also part of preventative maintenance. So, to avoid future roof failure, here are some signs that your commercial roof needs professional service:

  • Leaks – Whether due to age or severe weather, holes or rips can form in your roof over time. Thus, water can make its way into your facility, causing potential structural damage to its frame. Beckwith can identify roof leaks and provide patches/repairs before leaks worsen.
  • Pools of Water – Opposite to leaking, some flat roofs have issues properly draining water off your roof. If your roof’s slope and drainage aren’t adequately addressed, pooling water can become a source of insects and bacterial growth. Worse yet, pooling water can eventually lead to water damage as holes and leaks begin forming.
  • Wind/Hail/Storm Damage – Your roof can withstand most weather conditions. However, consistent weather patterns can wear down your roof. Strong winds can result in roof blow-offs, hail can puncture your roof, and water getting into your facility causes many issues. If you’ve experienced more extreme weather than average, allow a commercial roof contractor to inspect your roof for potential damage.
  • Erosion – If weather and temperatures don’t cause direct roof damage, they can cause erosion over time. After many years of use, commercial flat roofs can experience discoloration, cracks, blistering and other imperfections. For metal roofs, rust and deterioration are common with age. While erosion might be a sign for a new roof, we can provide repairs for the areas worst affected.
  • Shrinkage – Unfortunately, flat-roof membranes can undergo expansion and contraction under drastic weather changes. While not an immediate issue for your roof, continual shrinkage can eventually result in portions of your roof coming undone or exposing cracks/gaps. Shrinkage is especially harmful to roof components like flashing and drip edges.
Contractors performing Commercial Roof Repair in Scottsdale AZ to a metal roof

The Beckwith Team

Since 1982, Beckwith Commercial Roofing has served business owners with the best roof installation, repair, and maintenance. Using highly-trained roof contractors, high-quality materials and the latest tech, we can perform comprehensive roof services for any size of facility. Additionally, our excellent customer service and extended warranties have led our company to become the choice contractor for commercial roof repair in Scottsdale AZ and beyond. If you are looking for commercial roof service, give the Beckwith Commercial Roofing team a call today. You can contact us at 480-588-2583 to request a quote. Our Arizona office is located at 11096 Winchcomb Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

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